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Thousands of photographers already use GetOutCast to ensure they don't miss their shots. We provide forecasts so that they know when the best time is to photograph sunsets, sunrises, landscapes, stars, waterfalls and much more.

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Our forecasts

Forecasts are given on an hourly basis for any location in the United States. We provide a numerical score from 1 to 10 so that you can quickly and easily determine when is the best time to photograph. Our forecasts are based on weather and astronomical data that are updated multiple times a day, giving you the best forecast possible. All you need to do is be there and press the shutter (That, we can't do for you).


Never miss that once in a lifetime opportunity again. With alerts, you can be notified when the conditions are going to be at their best via email and/or mobile notifications (notifications for Windows only at the moment).

Subject Specific

Each photographic subject has unique requirements beyond just shooting during the golden hours. Our forecasts are unique for each subject and are constantly being updated with better models, thanks to the feedback of our users. If you have a great idea for a new forecast, let us know and we'll add it.

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Available forecasts

Aerial/Drone/QuadcopterAerial/Drone/Quadcopter photography is best with no wind nor precipitation.
ArchitectureArchitecture typically requires a highly dynamic sky, good light, and little wind to achieve best results.
AstrophotographyShooting the stars—otherwise known as astrophotography—requires three things: luck, patience, and coffee. This forecast will eliminate the luck, and let you know how much coffee to brew.
FireworksLearn when the weather is best for photographing fireworks.
FogSometimes you are unexpectedly rewarded for waking up early with the presence of fog. With this forecast, it's no longer unexpected.
InfraredLearn when the conditions are best for infrared photography.
LandscapeLandscape photography often includes an extreme range of different subjects each with their own different needs. This forecast focuses on capturing natural subjects.
LunarThe moon is an interesting subject that can be photographed both during the day and at night (even better during a sunrise or sunset). This forecast will let you know when you can find it and if the conditions are ideal.
MacroMacro photography absolutely requires great light and no wind. Let us tell you when mother nature cooperates.
PortraitsPortrait photography outdoors is not just about the light, learn what else to watch out for to find those ideal conditions.
SkyThe sky is the biggest backdrop to almost all outdoor photography. This forecast allow you to determine when you have the best chance of adding that zing to your outdoor photographs.
SnowSnow is most photogenic when its a wet snow.
Sunrise & Sunset
Sunrise & SunsetNo good journey is complete without a stunning sunrise or sunset photo. Take luck out of the equation and use the sunrise and sunset forecasting tool to better plan most memorable photographs.
ThunderstormsLearn when the chances are best for thunderstorms.
WaterfallsPhotographing waterfalls often requires long exposures. This photography forecast focuses on when lighting and wind conditions are best for leaving the shutter open.