About Us

GetOutCast is the brainchild of Hayden Quinn, a digital solutions company located in Richmond, VA.


To get people and the outdoors together at their best.


We love photography, but have increasingly found our time available to take photographs getting cut shorter and shorter. We were still able to get out there, but we needed to maximize our chances of capturing the best shots.

At first, we consulted multiple weather reports in an attempt to figure out what worked best, but it was time consuming.

Next we built a mobile app, When2Go:Photo, that showed all the bits of weather data we wanted to see. Unfortunately, that still required too much thinking.

Finally, we removed the thinking, and created this web application to simply give a numerical score to help indicate what date and time will give us the best chance at the photographs we aspire to capture.


Our Team

Daniel Price

Daniel Price (husband) is a two-time Geek, obsessing over web code as much as he does F-stops and apertures. And with two young daughters always wanting to play, he needed to maximize his time shooting. So he decided to use his coding knowledge to help be more productive in less time. (I know, right! We should patent that.) To cut to the chase, Daniel’s the brains of this operation.

Mair Downing

Mair Downing (wife) is a self-proclaimed word nerd, who can focus for hours on things like “what rhymes with word?” Along with her writing skills, she applied her knowledge of user experience and bug testing to make sure that what you saw in the app, you actually understood. She also has an annoying habit of finding random issues and sending them--One. Email. At. A. Time. Something that delights coders everywhere. And while she’s not the brains, she’s the boss. (Duh!)