Advanced Forecasting

By Daniel @Friday, March 14, 2014 5:11 PM

While shoveling our driveway the other night from yet another snow storm this year, I looked up as the sun was setting and was blown away with how beautiful the sky was (no photo, sorry).  This reminded me that while many of our forecasts are very easy to read (simply look for the higher scores), for our forecasts of sky and landscapes, there is something else worth paying attention to. 

Landscape photographers have known for years to look for when storms or significant changes in weather are occur.  Its because during those transitions, from calm to stormy as well as from stormy to calm, the quality of light is constantly changing.  What photographers are hoping for is something unique, unexpected to happen - perhaps brooding skies or a tiny spotlight of sun highlighting the landscape.  The chances of something like this occurring isn't particularly great, but these are the times its going to happen. 

So, like last night where the sky became incredible as a storm was leaving (and the forecast was climbing) look for quick rises and falls in forecasts for potentially beautiful weather. 


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